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Normal Like Me: Chapter 57

Ruti Kepler

As Bernadine watched them looking at the world around them with the curiosity of a year-old child, touching things in wonder, she couldn’t hold back her tears


Who Doesn’t Want a Little Yiddish Nachas?

Malky Lowinger

When veteran songwriter Yossi Green partnered with children’s choir arranger Moishy Kraus, people everywhere were enchanted


Mensch on the High Bench

Eytan Kobre

Born a Catholic but now a prominent member of the frum community in Portland, Oregon, Judge Rick Haselton has spent a lifetime climbing legal and spiritual ladders


Russia Sows Disharmony and Division

Omri Nahmias

Could Putin possibly have planned it any better?


The Friendly Skies between Tel Aviv and Washington

Omri Nahmias

United Airlines has now launched three direct flights weekly between Dulles Airport and Ben-Gurion Airport


What to Believe

Gershon Burstyn

The Trump-Putin Show: How the American media has become the Kremlin’s most effective weapon


Talking Peace, Preparing for War

Eliezer Shulman

Will Israel recognize Hamas rule in return for long-term cease-fire?


Druze Protest Nation State Law

Eliezer Shulman

Wahib Habish, Druze head of Yarka city council in northern Israel, explains his community’s vociferous opposition to Israel’s new Nation-State Law


Lifelines: Separate Unit

C. Saphir

I resolved to show them that I was still their son and that they were not losing me to my kallah, Penina


Tech Talk: Living with Limits

Aliza Feder

Even good things need boundaries. No matter how worthwhile an activity is, if it becomes too consuming, the risks are bound to outweigh the benefits


Shared Space: Chapter 17

Dov Haller

His mother-in-law had called a month ago to ask him to speak at the sheva brachos they were hosting. “You’re always so funny Kivi, you can represent us”


Normal Like Me: Chapter 56

Ruti Kepler

“It’s just not worth it, Sara’le. To give in to a momentary urge to dress up, here in this world, and to lose worlds you can’t imagine, for all eternity….”

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Whose State Is It?
Rabbi Moshe Grylak The Nation-State Bill adds nothing to the simple truth
First, Clean Your Room
Yonoson Rosenblum Disorder of our rooms reflects the disorder of our minds
Start Up with G-d
Eytan Kobre “Women rabbis” suffocate the spirit of the law
The Non-Competitive Competitors
Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib Competition? We are all working for the same Boss!
In Defense of Those Eltere Bochurim
“Still Waiting” (an anonymous contributor) A perspective built on 12 years (and counting) of dating
No Size Fits All
Jacob L. Freedman Meir’s success seemed practically carved out for him
Endnote - Start with the Heart
Riki Goldstein “I start with the heart of the sound, then add layers”
Great Shakes
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Hashem has His ways of pressing our “reset” button
Of Gates and Gators
Faigy Peritzman Our ears can receive messages the most easily
I Don’t Know
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Get around decision paralysis by listening to your gut
Time to Try the Frum Dating Sites?
Sara Eisemann That’s my problem and I’ll have to work it through