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Lifelines: Forgotten

C. Saphir

Why would Ahuva text me randomly when she knew I was with clients? “Give me a minute,” I said to my client. “It’s my babysitter”


Shared Space: Chapter 31

Dov Haller

An interview, Moish had read online, isn’t just to be heard, but to hear. Go in with the attitude that they need you, too. He was ready


Double Take: Because Family Comes First

Shaina King

“I could have made that bar mitzvah. I can do food like that, I can do presentation like that, I can do service like that. But I don’t have the opportunity to show people what I can do”


Shared Space: Chapter 30

Dov Haller

CJ Korman was normal? The guy who kept a full-time gardener on staff? Who had taken his family to Iceland for Pesach? Who had an alarm on his whiskey collection?


Lifelines: Best Friends

C. Saphir

How could she possibly make it through school— and life— if we didn’t help her to succeed, or at least not fail dismally, in the academic realm?


Cut 'n Paste: Journey to Yerushalayim

Yaakov Klein

If we had made the trip to Eretz Yisrael only to hear the story Avi proceeded to tell us, dayeinu — it would have been more than enough


Shared Space: Chapter 29

Dov Haller

But still, this — a black and gray beaver with a shocked expression on its face — was a weird way to show your husband you took him seriously


The Money Trap: Know the Danger Signs

Gila Arnold

The court case seemed open-and-shut. There was no way he could lose. But Moshe didn’t count on the fact that he was dealing with a professional con artist


Shared Space: Chapter 28

Dov Haller

Bauer made a sticking-tongue-out emoji, to which Sitman responded by writing “lol” and Kivi was reminded, again, that he hadn’t arrived yet


Oneg Shabbos: Soldier of Fortune

Yeruchem Yitzchak Landesman

Now that he was in the Czar’s army, he knew he’d take revenge and right the injustice done by none other than his own brother


Lifelines: Lost Sheep

C. Saphir

When I saw these boys winking at her, I knew it was time to take drastic action


Shared Space: Chapter 27

Dov Haller

By her reckoning, the business should have been a failure, but she did the numbers and there was no question that the JS Spectra Fund was doing well

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