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Taking It to the Streets

Barbara Bensoussan

Arranger and conductor Avremi G has been turning Jewish songs into sheet music for almost two decades. Now he’s going public with his joyous, high-spirited, spontaneous “niggun riots”


High Holidays

Aryeh Ehrlich

No matter the surroundings, holy values and principles remain unchanged; and even when they’re on vacation, the leaders of Am Yisrael are never really off duty


Down Memory Lane in Sao Paulo

Rabbi Moshe Grylak

Half a century after he and his wife served as Torah teachers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rabbi Moshe Grylak returned. He found a changed community — and memories at every juncture


Authentic Jerusalem

Gila Arnold

For former actor and tour guide Yoel Freiman, Jerusalem isn’t just history — it’s where his family, back ten generations, called home — and where his own spark was reignited


If Walls Could Speak

Mishpacha Staff; Project Coordinator, Faigy Hutner

Great men leave imprints wherever they go. A look inside the rooms of gedolim past and present, and the silent objects that say so much


On Site: Handles with Care

Dovid Sussman

Few professions connect to the essence of the Jewish People like this family enterprise manufacturing atzei chayim and other accessories for Torah scrolls


Master’s Circuit

C. Saphir

I had been fully shomer Shabbos from the time of my marriage, but with the qualifiers looming, I couldn’t let a day go by without training


Shared Spaces: Chapter 23

Dov Haller

“I’m close friends with Kranz at UrgentCare, he told me what you’re doing for him over there and he’s thrilled. You have a magic touch”


Normal Like Me: Epilogue

Ruti Kepler

“Look,” Mommy whispered to me. “There’s someone in a shal! Why would anyone buy clothes like these if they’re going to put a shal on top?”


The Last Witnesses

Libi Astaire, Ukraine

Father Patrick Desbois is on a mission to record eyewitness testimony about every Holocaust-era mass grave site in Eastern Europe. But his efforts have taken on a new urgency


The Day the Earth Trembled

Yisrael Groweiss

With predictions that the next “big one” is due to arrive within ten years, we look back at the terrifying natural disaster that shook up the Jewish world


A Military Accounting at Year End

Eliezer Shulman

IDF Chief of Staff, Gadi Eizenkot, in special briefing on Israel’s security horizons

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