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Normal Like Me: Epilogue

Ruti Kepler

“Look,” Mommy whispered to me. “There’s someone in a shal! Why would anyone buy clothes like these if they’re going to put a shal on top?”


The Last Witnesses

Libi Astaire, Ukraine

Father Patrick Desbois is on a mission to record eyewitness testimony about every Holocaust-era mass grave site in Eastern Europe. But his efforts have taken on a new urgency


The Day the Earth Trembled

Yisrael Groweiss

With predictions that the next “big one” is due to arrive within ten years, we look back at the terrifying natural disaster that shook up the Jewish world


A Military Accounting at Year End

Eliezer Shulman

IDF Chief of Staff, Gadi Eizenkot, in special briefing on Israel’s security horizons


True Confessions on Oslo

Binyamin Rose

Twenty-five years after Oslo, postmortem goes on


A Few Minutes with Dr. Ian Kearns

Gedalia Guttentag

The cofounder of the European Leadership Network warns that Europe is in a catastrophically fragile state


Begging Your Pardon

Omri Nahmias

A short list of newsworthy events in which one person, or country, might want to ask forgiveness from another


Oneg Shabbos: And Seal Us for Life

Yeruchem Yitzchak Landesman

For the sake of saving a life, said Rav Chaim HaLevi of Brisk, we must try everything, even something that goes against logic, even on Yom Kippur


Shared Space: Chapter 22

Dov Haller

Malky imitated the voice: “Of course this has nothing to do with parenting, Mrs. Denburger, it’s from Hashem, and it’s no big deal”


Normal Like Me: Chapter 61

Ruti Kepler

“What do we have to give the bride’s family?” she would ask. “Animals? Money? What price did you agree on with her father, Joe?”


Money Trap: Cleaned Out

Gila Arnold

When they discovered that all of their possessions had been stolen, they thought they’d hit rock bottom. But things only went downhill from there.


Fiction Corner: Signals

Miri Sonnenfeld

I dubbed him “the Monster.” His hulking figure, his glee at my near failures, made him monstrous in my eyes.

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