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Movers and Shakers

C. B. Lieber

Some people come up with great ideas that end up snowballing… turning into a movement that affects other people in their community, their city, even their country


F Is for Friendship: Don’t Judge

Ruchama Schnaidman

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I did, and I heard something I probably shouldn’t have. They were talking about me.


Head to Head

Y. Bromberg

“I know kids don’t think riding with a helmet is cool,” Mr. Lewis said, his big eyes flickering in David’s direction. “But it saved my life once… Look at this, kid.”


Super Avi: Episode 3

Ruchama Schnaidman

I constantly have to remind myself that Avi is just 14 and was once a regular, popular kid with barely a care in the world


Breakthrough: Chapter 50

Tovy Mann

The Neimans give each other chizuk while waiting for Mommy’s return



Bluma Schur

Our history is not something I’m proud of, to say the least. We were the modern-day story of Yaakov and Eisav, the stereotypical tale of two sisters shadowed by a long history of enmity


Silver and Gold: Chapter 41

Zivia Reischer

What had happened to their easy banter, that intuitive understanding of each other they used to have? Adina felt panicked. Was it gone forever?


Teen Fiction: A Journey

Devorah Ritterman

I have moved my thoughts toward last year, to our very last conversation, the conversation where we were supposed to “clear things up”


Curious Jr.: Meet a Private Investigator

Danielle Sarah Storch

Detectives and private investigators aren’t just fictional characters. Private investigator David J. Cohen tells us about his job and what a private investigator really does


How to Make a Friend

Yael Mermelstein

The hot oil splashed into the air. SIZZLE! Droplets scattered all over the place. Rafi ran for his life


Starting Over

Izzy Gold

Shloima’s heart fell as he heard this news. He and Nossi had been best friends forever and had always been together in the same class


Breakthrough: Chapter 48

Tovy Mann

Yehudit Neiman and her parents almost escape Iran, but at the last minute Yehudit is forced off the plane

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