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Extreme Talents

Rochel Burstyn

You might have even wondered what your special talent is. Look inside you — it could be anything! Here are some folks with unusual talents.


Jr. Tales: Monkey Business

Rachel Stein

No more clowning around ever again. From now on, I will be a model student and son and stay out of trouble


The Evil Eye: Chapter 3

Y. Bromberg

“Where is the Jew?” everyone screamed eagerly, turning in all directions in search of a helpless Jew to beat. “Where?”


Crisscross: Chapter 34

Tovy Mann

I walk over to the door and look up at his face. My biological father smiles. He seems sure of himself.


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 20

Ariella Schiller

If Tamara Fine is the reason for my sudden ambition to conquer the world, is that so wrong?


Jolly Solly: Black & White & Red All Over

R. Atkins

“These are no bulls,” declared Faivish airily. “Look, I’ll prove it to you. I’ll wave a red rag at them, and you’ll see they won’t do a thing”


The Evil Eye: Chapter 2

Y. Bromberg

Families were running out of food to eat and businessmen were losing a tremendous amount of money each day. Something had to be done, but what?


Crisscross: Chapter 33

Tovy Mann

“Meir!” Abba’s voice shatters my concentration. I blink and look around in confusion. “Meir,” he whispers, “It’s your turn to speak. Go to the stand.”


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 19

Ariella Schiller

As I step over the threshold into my new classroom, I’m certain I’ve just altered my life forever. I just don’t know if it’s for better or worse


Trees Gone Spectacular!

Leeba Leichtman

Trees come in an enormous range of shapes and sizes, but as you leaf through this article (yes, pun intended!), you’ll find you never knew how many


Madame Chamberlaine: Flying Colors

Tzipie Wolner

“I can’t see, but I can smell and I can feel. Right now, I’m feeling that there is distress in my beautiful garden”


The Evil Eye: Chapter 1

Y. Bromberg

“This isn’t a home, Alvaro!” one of the men responded, throwing back his hood to reveal his disgusted expression. “This is a rat hole!”

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