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Read Between the Lines

Rhona Lewis

If you’re like me, you’ve glanced at barcodes millions of times and wondered, Is this for show or does it really mean something? Learn to crack the code and find out what’s behind all those strange lines and numbers!


Jolly Solly: In Good Company

R. Atkins

The only shop name she could think of was Gavriel’s Grocery. But she couldn’t very well call it that; after all, her name wasn’t Gavriel


Jr. Tales: Coding Barcodes

Rivkah Small

“I’m making Poppy’s a special barcode instead of boring old straight lines. We have a very cool company and it deserves a cool barcode”


Hide and Seek: Chapter 10

Brachah Rosman

Idy hadn’t said a word to anyone since the previous day, nor did she plan to speak to anyone unless she thought it vital


Jointly Responsible

Rachelli Weinstein

“How else will you learn to be more responsible?” I responded self-righteously. “Nothing else helps!” Rina didn’t dignify this with an answer; she simply slunk away.


The Principal’s Daughter: Chapter 3

Yonina Levine

Rivky agrees to join the newspaper committee with Leah. Shockingly, popular Aliza passes Rivky a note during Mrs. Fein’s class.


Fruit Art: Make the Cut!

C. Rosenberg

A feast to the eyes and taste buds, fruit art is as fun to eat as it is to look at! In honor of Tu B’Shevat, let’s take a closer look at the art of fruit carving


Jr. Tales: Tagalongs

Bracha Rosman

One by one the weekly lists for chesed volunteers filled with names of excited girls. “I can’t believe it,” Yocheved said, “all the good stuff was taken already. What’s left?”


Hide and Seek: Chapter 9

Bracha Rosman

No one woke Idy the next morning. The sun was shining bright when she finally opened her eyes. Idy sat up, alarmed


Teen Fiction: Pen Pals

Ahuva Sofer

I only went to 11 different professionals throughout my life. But, it looks like my stutter is here to stay, at least for now


The Principal’s Daughter: Chapter 2

Yonina Levine

Rivky looks down at her sandwich and once more toward the sink where her mother is reprimanding a ninth grader. “It’s not fun,” she acknowledges.


Jr. Tales: Dark Secrets

Y. Bromberg

“Scaredy-cat,” Chavie said, shaking her head. “What do you think you’re going to find out? That there are ghosts in the house?” She laughed

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