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Big Mistake

Ahuva Sofer

Mistakes are part of life. When they happen, we usually just swallow our pride, apologize if necessary, and move on. But some small mistakes had ramifications that changed world history


Sweet as Honey

Yehuda Bromberg

Meet four fantastic rebbeim who host upsheren boys on this special day for a peek behind the scenes!


What a Great Mistake

R. Atkiins

I know exactly where all the toy stores, shekel shops, and candy stores are, but jewelry stores? Not really my thing


The King's Dream: Chapter 2

Yehuda Bromberg

“How dare he!” The king rose from this throne in fury. “Summon my scribes immediately! There’s only one way to exact sufficient revenge"


Win or Lose Chapter 26

Chaim Finkelstein

"Are you sure that you’re Yitzy Levinson? Maybe you’re his twin brother that no one ever told me about?”


Close Call: Chapter 5

Devoiry Braunstein

We went from one “You too? I thought I was the only one!” to another. To my surprise, I found myself sharing my most intense thoughts and feelings, things I rarely told anyone


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 58

Ariella Schiller

I just cry every time I think back to how I’d imagined this would all go, all of my life up to a year ago


The King's Dream: Chapter 1

Yehuda Bromberg

“I’ll spare myself from your guesses, Richard. Instead, make yourself useful and travel to the only people in my country who can answer my question, the Jews. Bring me their wisest rabbi and make it quick!”


Win or Lose: Chapter 25

Chaim Finkelstein

Then he thought of his parents. They had been so nervous about the rent. If he won the building, they would never have to pay rent again. He had to win the building. He must get a hundred on the next math test!


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 57

Ariella Schiller

I lie there awhile, trying to figure out where my life went. A year ago, I was one of three best friends, one of three close sisters. One year later, a different city, a different school, and poof, it’s all gone


The Vision of a Tzaddik: Chapter 6

Yehuda Bromberg

“Little brat, talking to me like that… You think you’re so tough because daddy owns the marketplace, huh?”


Win or Lose Chapter 24

Chaim Finkelstein

Oh no, he groaned to himself. The last thing I need is for everyone in school to ask me about the game Mr. Burtman gave me

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