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Win or Lose: Chapter 20

Chaim Finkelstein

"You certainly don’t sound like Yitzy. The Yitzy I know would never want to spend extra time learning”


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 52

Ariella Schiller

I want to tell Mommy about the radiator and Ratzy’s comment and Tamara’s mood swings, but I’m scared she’ll tell me I dug this hole and that I’m a terrible person and this is what I deserve, so I say nothing


Heads Up!

R. Atkins

Efraim wasn’t sure what some of the big words like “rescue” or “mission” meant, but one thing seemed pretty clear. His Daddy had gone away! Without telling him!


Story Time The Vision of a Tzaddik: Chapter 1

Yehuda Bromberg

“Prepare Rus’s favorite cake, please!” Meir called to the butler. “The poor thing will be hungry when she returns. I’ve kept her waiting for much too long!”


Win or Lose Chapter 19

Chaim Finkelstein

“There is one more condition,” he said. “You, Yitzy Levinson, are forbidden to tell anyone about this. You may not tell your friends, and you may not even tell your siblings”


Bentzi and the Mystery in the Museum: Chapter 22

Shifra Glick

I didn’t know what else to say. Poor Asher! How would I feel if I was suddenly cut off from Yoel and Yom Tov and Tulli and all my friends?


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 51

Ariella Schiller

I am so tempted to ignore Tamara, especially after that radiator incident, but my sense of self-preservation is too strong


Madame Chamberlaine: The Catapulting Pacifier

Tzipie Wolner

Benny would hold the end of the pacifier clip and whirl the pacifier quickly around a few times and then let go. Pow!


The Secret Child: Chapter 8

Yehuda Bromberg

“Why do you all hurry by me?” Martin called with derision, pointing at the nervous Jews who ran past him. “Are you too afraid to defend your own Torah?


Win or Lose: Chapter 18

Chaim Finkelstein

"I have called you here today to read to you a letter written by the owner of this company, a man by the name of Mr. Irving Greenbaum”


Bentzi and the Mystery in the Museum: Chapter 21

Shifra Glick

So, can it really be…? No! It seems I was wrong to suspect Shuki. I don’t want to risk suspecting Asher wrongly too


Bricks and Ladders: Chapter 49

Ariella Schiller

I had waltzed into Stonesworth, ignored every other girl in the grade, stabbed Hadas in the back, and immediately rose through the ranks of popularity

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