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Order at the Border

Yisrael Rutman

Borders are marked in many different ways — or not at all. If you visit an actual border, you might be surprised at what’s there. Or what’s not


Jolly Solly: Birds of a Feather

R. Atkins

“But surely that’s impossible!” burst out Eli. “Just look at him. His behavior’s completely out of character! He’s crying and moaning”


King for a Day: Chapter 1

Y. Bromberg

“Do you know what the servants call me?” Nicholas asked, holding the priest’s gaze. “Whenever they think I’m not around, they call me “The Black”


Crisscross: Chapter 13

Tovy Mann

Abba gives me his entire attention and does not interrupt. Then he says, “This is a matter for the police, Meir”


Teen Fiction: The Meaning of Cleaning

Sara Esther Marton

Don’t get me wrong. I like when my things are neat, but I don’t mind it when a few things are out of order


Song of the Sea: Chapter 41

Rivka Streicher

“Normal in her own way, without giving a hoot about what others think. You know, she said she’s coming to the fair with sparkly sneakers—”


The Museum of Failure Is a Smashing Success!

Rochel Burstyn

Some folks celebrate failure! In fact, there’s even a Museum of Failure. Apparently, failure can be just as interesting — or even more interesting — than success


Yosef Chaim’s Amazing Invention

Shira Yehudit Djalilmand

Ima sighed. The cheerful smiley tone in her voice turned to desperation. “Well, Yosef Chaim. Looks like it’s just you and me again, as usual”


Claim to Fame: Rebbe Alter

C. B. Lieber

It’s the time of year when everyone likes to turn on some music to help them work. So who better to speak to than Rebbe Alter?


Teen Fiction: Birthdays and Tiffany’s

Ariella Schiller

Becky Becky Becky. You’d think after 12 years of coexisting in the same room, the same space, the same role, I’d be used to her


Song of the Sea: Chapter 40

Rivka Streicher

I frown over the meager sentences. Really, Naomi, have you nothing more to say to your old Dad?


The Saintly Slave: Chapter 5

Y. Bromberg

“Sheikh Sayid is still a Muslim at heart,” Rav Shimshon said darkly. “Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks he’s been displaying. He has a plan”

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