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A Diamond Is Forever

Elisheva Appel

A hallmark of greatness is the ability to incorporate seemingly contradictory attributes into a harmonious whole. A tribute to Rebbetzin Sheila (Chava Sarah) Feinstein a"h


Mothering the Marrieds

C. B. Lieber

What’s involved in successfully parenting married children? Women with over a decade of experience on the job share their secrets


Get the Glow

Lea Pavel

The abundance of moisturizers, toners, elixirs, and lotions promising “glowing, healthy skin” can be overwhelming. Here, the non-professional professional’s guide to skincare


Home Unbroken

As told to Chavi Fuchs

Chances are, Yankel’s one of the most paranoid, hypercritical people you’ve ever met. And you should see how he behaves with his family


Musings: The Air We Breathe

Elana Rothberg

I run in, certain nurses will surround me instantaneously. Instead, they’re clustered around the staff desk, distracted by mundane chatter


The Gatekeeper’s Daughter: Chapter 1

Esther Teichtal

“It keeps out the loiterers. Vodka-chugging homeless,” Ma says. Then she shudders. “No gate will keep the spirits out, anyways, Dai”


Center Stage: Chapter 20

Gila Arnold

Rina was not a screamer, Gabriella could tell; she was used to people listening to her with hushed reverence. Problem was, neither was Gabriella


Lifetakes: Save Me the Summer

Zivia Reischer

Maybe we can move to a desert island where it’s always summer and working hard means straining muscles to build something you can use


Earn Money While You Sleep

Malkie Scholnick

Why not create an online course? Teach once, and get paid over and over again. The nuts and bolts of how to create streams of passive income


SisterSchmooze: Studio Lessons

Marcia Stark Meth / Emmy Leah Stark Zitter / Miriam Stark Zakon

We set ourselves a Schmooze Challenge: What possible educational takeaways can be derived by someone sitting in a studio audience watching a show being filmed live?


Tempo Story: Lost in the Mellah

C. Rosenblum

It was a short boat ride to Morocco. But when we docked in Tangier, I was grateful to be with an organized tour


Windows: Watching over Mum

Ann Goldberg

We understood her desire to remain in her home and knew it had nothing to do with her not loving or missing us

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Whose State Is It?
Rabbi Moshe Grylak The Nation-State Bill adds nothing to the simple truth
First, Clean Your Room
Yonoson Rosenblum Disorder of our rooms reflects the disorder of our minds
Start Up with G-d
Eytan Kobre “Women rabbis” suffocate the spirit of the law
The Non-Competitive Competitors
Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib Competition? We are all working for the same Boss!
In Defense of Those Eltere Bochurim
“Still Waiting” (an anonymous contributor) A perspective built on 12 years (and counting) of dating
No Size Fits All
Jacob L. Freedman Meir’s success seemed practically carved out for him
Endnote - Start with the Heart
Riki Goldstein “I start with the heart of the sound, then add layers”
Great Shakes
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Hashem has His ways of pressing our “reset” button
Of Gates and Gators
Faigy Peritzman Our ears can receive messages the most easily
I Don’t Know
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Get around decision paralysis by listening to your gut
Time to Try the Frum Dating Sites?
Sara Eisemann That’s my problem and I’ll have to work it through