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Millennial Millionaire

C. Rosenberg

This generation is not afraid to try something new and daring: Four millennials speak about the businesses they’ve created and the crucial lessons learned in the process


The Immunotherapy Revolution

Miriam A. Knoll, MD

Immunotherapy is changing the face of oncology, giving patients a new way to fight cancer and to live longer. How it works and what you need to know


Tempo: All in Good Time

As told to Faigy Schonfeld

It was vintage and elegant and majestic — and I knew that this was the dress that had been waiting for me


Windows: The Day of Mud

Rachael Lavon

I can imagine all the calm, focused mothers whispering to each other in the street: Protect your children, don’t send them to the Lavons


Map the Starlight: Chapter 4

Leah Gebber

“If you seek my advice, don’t ever marry against the wishes of your family — or his. Nothing good will come of it”


Learning Curve: Chapter 52

Gila Arnold

Her mother questions Aviva’s decision to make a large, public party. At the bris, Aviva is suddenly hit with the reality of her son’s disorder, and breaks down


Grab the Reins: Chapter 11

Shoshana Schwartz

“ ‘Henny,’ she said, ‘you’re not dying. You’re simply experiencing a feeling you’ve never experienced before. It’s called serenity’ ”


Lifetakes: State Lines

Bracha Stein

Sure, they laughed at us, those New Yorkers, they mocked us, scoffing at our Payless shoes, nerdy white shells, and general lack of savvy, but we knew the truth


Small Things, Big Impact

Leah Richeimer

Meet three women who were surprised and gratified to discover small changes that could dramatically improve their relationship with the most important person in their lives


When Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Faigy Schonfeld

You look at your howling infant; it’s been hours, exhaustion engulfs you, and you wonder: Is this normal? If baby’s incessant wails make you want to weep, it may not just be colic


SisterSchmooze: Decisions, Decisions

Marcia Stark Meth / Emmy Stark Zitter / Miriam Stark Zakon

At different moments in our lives, we Sisters have snapped, plunged, flipped, researched, wavered, panicked, and procrastinated. We’ve even left one decision to a dog


Tempo: Playing a Part

Chaya Tavin

What about our boys? I was sure they would feel out of it. I was wrong

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