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Care to Join: Chapter 9

Leah Greene

“Every year the rav of the hospital sends out a message to all the doctors and nurses to tell us that those of us who are working don’t need to fast. I might be secular, but I would never eat on Yom Kippur”


Center Stage: Chapter 32

Gila Arnold

It wasn’t that Rina begrudged helping — this was her husband’s mother, after all — but she did resent the attitude. Never a word of thanks


The Gatekeeper’s Daughter: Chapter 13

Esther Teichtal

All Yisrael… A tentative voice springs from the corner of her mind. That would mean the scholar and the shochet. The butcher and candlemaker


Lifetakes: Strength in Names

Chana Goodman

We contemplate and ask sh’eilos and discuss and discuss some more; the bris is only a day away and we haven’t yet decided on a name



As told to Elisheva Appel by Rivki Silver

I was determined to take my musical skills to the next level


Tempo Story: Finding Thanks

Toba Stern

Hashem, how can You do this to me? I thought. I’m Your daughter, You’re my father! Is this the way to treat a daughter? I don’t deserve this!


Windows: A Little Girl and a Large Cup of Cocoa

Julie Ackerman

My husband is the cool parent and I am jealous


Musings: The Little Waitress

Naomi Lobl

I realized there was a drama being played out that had nothing to do with the music or the dancing or even the wedding


Care to Join: Chapter 7

Leah Greene

I checked the time. By now, my husband should have taken off. I dialed his number anyway. Of course, his phone was off


Center Stage: Chapter 31

Gila Arnold

“Why didn’t I ever realize what a nerd you are?” Gabriella lifted herself up into a sitting position and rolled her eyes affectionately at her sister


The Gatekeeper's Daughter: Chapter 13

Esther Teichtal

“Yay, Daina! You haven’t been here in, like, foreverrrr!” Daina smiles and edges her way past the intimidating woman at the door


Lifetakes: Trays of Love

Raizy Friedman

When she stayed with us, the sounds of her schmoozing with my mother was our early morning wakeup call, and the conversations continued way past bedtime

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