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Her Strong Suit

Esther Kurtz

I know I’m not the only one who complains that getting my husband to buy a new suit is a miserable drag… Could a basement in Teaneck be my salvation?


Nobody Does It All

Riki Goldstein

We meet frum superwomen everywhere, who seem to effortlessly ace every role. Meet six women who are not doing it all — and who unabashedly embrace their limitations


Therapist Toolbox: Four Horsemen and Five Languages

Abby Delouya, B.A., B. Ed., MFT

He wanted to stay married — as long as she would change. Be less demanding, less controlling, less nagging, less, less, less


Family Diary: Care to Join

Leah Greene

Moving halfway across the world to teach people Torah seems like a once-upon-a-time fantasy. (Maybe when I’m in my eighties and retired I’ll revive it)


Tempo Fiction: A Spot for Me

Rikki Ehrlich

Everyone except Esti Cohen, that is, but everyone else will be okay, and I’ll be the only single girl left on the planet, circling, circling—


Windows: Today I Am a Mother

Ahava Ehrenpreis

I was not failing in my motherly obligation, I was just on a break. I davened and waited for that project that would be just right


Musings: Hope It Doesn’t Rain

Rochel Grunewald

Finally, we could hear the words clearly: Succah, succah, succah, succah, we say leisheiv b’succah and we hope it doesn’t rain!


Center Stage: Chapter 25

Gila Arnold

Gabriella had given a reluctant nod, and Rina had turned away, smirking. Gabriella might know film lingo, but Rina knew much more about dramatic effect


The Gatekeeper’s Daughter: Chapter 6

Esther Teichtal

“I reacted badly to the news. I’ve been dry for years, but yesterday I was so low, I took to the bottle again”


Lifetakes: Forever Dance

Rivka Streicher

One night, another, another we venture into those narrow streets, endless succahs, the kaleidoscope of our Nation hurrying by, finding Simchas Beis Hashoeivahs


Encounters: The Borrowed Succah

Shaina King

“The Berkowitzes can’t borrow our succah after we’re done,” I said, “because the Reichbergs are borrowing our succah after we’re done”


Tempo Story: Pearls of Faith

As told to Rivky Neuhaus

I’d wanted to spend the evening curled up with a book, losing myself in an alternative reality. But Aaron’s vort forced me to get dressed, get out, and face the world

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